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Service to companies

business plans

benefits that help  retain its human capital.


  • Preferential prices and rates to all your collaborators and family nucleus.

  • Laboratory personnel are transferred to take samples in the company.

  • Informative talks prior to carrying out the labor check.

  • Business agreements.

  • Follow-up programs for collaborators.

  • Drugs of Abuse Monitoring Program

Technology and quality

All the analyzes that are carried out are supported by state-of-the-art technology in taking and collecting samples, which supports the quality that you obtain with the service.

Identification and transport of samples

  • Identification of Samples with a unique and unrepeatable number printed in barcodes for each patient per sample and per sample.

  • Transport of samples maintaining the required conditions that guarantee their stability.

  • Samples are properly discarded based on bioinfectious waste.

  • The laboratory maintains the pre-analytical conditions that ensure a reliable and quality result.

Additional benefits

  • Assignment of username and password for the consultation of results online and management of the historical labor checks of your workers.  

  • Business monitoring and pre-employment programs.

business agreements

Occupational health programs that improve the quality of life of employees, reducing costs and occupational risks, the following benefits are offered:

  • Corporate Discounts.

  • Special rates at any of the laboratory branches.

  • Screening tests for the detection of drug abuse.

Do you want to sign an agreement with our laboratory?



The Inmaculada Concepción Clinical Laboratory has established discount agreements with institutions or companies to complement the benefits that its collaborators and users have.


If you belong to or are a member of any of the companies listed below, you can quickly access high-level care with excellent discounts.

Business discount program

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