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twin test

The results are completely confidential and your private genetic information is never shared or sold to third parties.

Understand the relationship between twins
using DNA

A twin test, also called a "twin zygosity test," is a DNA test that definitively proves whether twins are identical or fraternal.

During prenatal care, the doctor might be able to tell if the twins are identical or fraternal through ultrasound of the placenta. There are cases, however, where twins discover much later that a DNA test shows the opposite of what the ultrasound exam showed!


Scientists recommend DNA tests to determine zygosity, the degree of similarity. Medical records regarding zygosity may have been lost, or the question may have arisen due to the physical characteristics of the twins as they age.

It can also be useful in cases such as:

  • Help resolve the twins' health problems at a later time.

  • In the event that one twin needs an organ or tissue transplant donor, the identical twin is a perfect choice.

Test Options for Twin DNA Testing


Legal:  The results of legal tests can be presented in court as legal proof of a biological relationship. A judge's order is required to order the test with us.

personal knowledge:  If you need the test results solely for your peace of mind and not for legal reasons, you have the option of collecting your DNA at home, requesting the sample collection kit from us and sending them to the laboratory. Please note that the results are not admissible in court.

TIP:  If you think you may need results for court in the future, we suggest you take a legal test first so you only have to test once.

Certificado DNA Diagnostics Center

What is the price?

The test for self-knowledge has a cost of C$ 12,621 córdobas

The test for legal use has an additional charge of $150 (one hundred and fifty dollars).  Requires prior appointment

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