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Home service

  • This service is available to people over 16 years of age. must be scheduled the day before the day of sampling by calling No. 87882320  during office hours, or if you prefer, you can call the unit of the  Inmaculada Concepción® Clinical Laboratory that is closest to your home.  



  • It has an additional cost.

  • You can also request it by sending this electronic form. If you do not receive a confirmation call, it means that we have not received your email and therefore we will not be able to perform the service.

Schedule your service

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We are associated with the DDC Diagnostic Center in the United States to offer you a complete paternity and filiation testing service.


Available for people from 16 years old. It has an additional cost and must be requested 24 hours before.

Send us your information and our staff will contact you.

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We have an occupational clinic duly authorized by the regulatory entities. We can also reach your company.

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