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grandparents test

The results are completely confidential and your private genetic information is never shared or sold to third parties.

Discover the relationship when one of the parents is not available

If you are trying to confirm whether a person is your grandparent or establish paternity, but the father is not available for testing, a grandparent DNA test might be right for you. Grandparent DNA test results can be used for the same reason as a paternity test


  • Establish paternity

  • Social Security benefits

  • inheritance claims

  • Etc.

In this test, the child's DNA profile is compared to the DNA profiles of the father's parents. This is important-grandparents should be the father's side of the family (paternal side). Since a child inherits half of its DNA from its mother (maternal side) and half from its father, the DNA passed down from grandparents to the father would be passed on to the child. The child's mother is encouraged to participate in the trial. Your DNA helps speed up analysis ; Grandparent DNA testing without the mother's samples takes longer to complete due to the extensive analysis required.


  • There are times when only one grandparent is available. We call this test "single grandparent" and we can help you if this is the only option!

Test Options for Grandparent DNA Testing


Legal:  The results of legal tests can be presented in court as legal proof of a biological relationship. A judge's order is required to order the test with us.

personal knowledge:  If you need the test results only for your peace of mind and not for legal reasons, you do not need a court order. Please note that the results are not admissible in court.

TIP:  If you think you may need results for court in the future, we suggest you take a legal test first so you only have to test once.

Certificado DNA Diagnostics Center

What is the price?

The test for self-knowledge has a cost of C$ 12,621 córdobas

The test for legal use has an additional charge of $150 (one hundred and fifty dollars).  Requires prior appointment

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