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maternity tests

The results are completely confidential and your private genetic information is never shared or sold to third parties.

Identity Questions
of the child's mother

Maternity DNA testing determines the biological mother of a child. It is much like a DNA paternity test, but it compares a child's DNA pattern to that of the mother. Children inherit half of their DNA from their father, and half from their mother. Even if the father does not test, DDC can conclusively prove whether or not the child's DNA matches the mother's.

Maternity DNA tests are often requested in the following situations:

  • When an adoptee is trying to prove who their biological birth mother is

  • Prove a maternal relationship for immigration

  • Confirmatory accuracy for in vitro fertilization

  • Resolve the controversy that sometimes occurs in hospitable vulners


In a Maternity DNA Test, the child and the mother are tested - the father is optional - but is encouraged to participate. It helps exclude half of the child's DNA from the dad, leaving the other half of the DNA for comparison with the mom. The father's test does not increase the cost of the test, and it is not required.


Maternity DNA tests with the mother and child are accurate.

Madre dos hijos

Test Options for Maternity DNA Testing


Legal:  The results of legal tests can be presented in court as legal proof of a biological relationship. A judge's order is required to order the test with us.

personal knowledge:  If you need the test results only for your peace of mind and not for legal reasons, a court order is not required . Please note that the results are not admissible in court.

TIP:  If you think you may need results for court in the future, we suggest you take a legal test first so you only have to test once.

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What is the price?

The test has a cost of C$ 9,100 cordobas

For legal proceedings there is an additional cost of $150 (one hundred and fifty dollars). Requires prior appointment

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