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sibling test

The results are completely confidential and your private genetic information is never shared or sold to third parties.

discover a relationship
brothers or sisters

The sibling test is a genetic DNA test carried out to determine if two people share one or both parents, that is, if they are half-siblings or siblings of father and mother. It is an indirect way of determining family relationships when an alleged father is not available for paternity testing.

The brotherhood test begins with the analysis of known relatives:

  • Brother 1 and Brother 2 do not share the same mother and want to find out if they share the same biological father. In this situation a half brotherhood test is conducted.

  • Brother 1 and Brother 2 share the same biological mother but are not sure if they share the same biological father. In this situation, a full brotherhood test is performed.

Test Options for Brother/Sister DNA Testing

Legal:  The results of legal tests can be presented in court as legal proof of a biological relationship. A judge's order is required to order the test with us.

personal knowledge:  If you need the test results only for your peace of mind and not for legal reasons, a court order is not required . Please note that the results are not admissible in court.

TIP:  If you think you may need results for court in the future, we suggest you take a legal test first so you only have to test once.

Certificado DNA Diagnostics Center

What is the price?

The test for self-knowledge has a cost of C$ 12,621 córdobas

The test for legal use has an additional charge of $150 (one hundred and fifty dollars).  Requires prior appointment

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