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In the Immaculate Conception Clinical Laboratory
we have succeeded in establishing a culture of quality in everything we do.


From the beginning, our founder valued the most important and vital factor in this career related to medicine, and that was to get the medical teams to trust the reports issued and support the initiatives of the laboratory, likewise, to win the patients trust and loyalty. She knew that the only way to achieve this was to work with quality and professionalism.  


Technological progress, the implementation of new methods and the urgent need to update the diagnosis forced us to grow, both in personnel and equipment.


This great family that today keeps growing since the day it was founded was formed with the ability to work with discipline, willingness, and above all, with the awareness that with the results of the tests carried out by us, we are capable of helping the treating physician to save a life, for which the same must be done with QUALITY.


We currently have seven service units in different areas of the city of Managua and Rivas. Our units are designed to provide collaborators and patients with the necessary hygiene and safety conditions.


The Immaculate Conception Clinical Laboratory has been in business in 1968, founded by the medical technologist Rina María Córdoba de Taboada.

The name is an expression of love and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Rina de Taboada
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