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Chronic disease checkups

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Rheumatic profile I

For people who want to rule out rheumatoid arthritis.

Complete blood count,  General urine test, General stool test.

Indicated once a year as annual control.

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Diabetic control profile.

Recommended as an annual control for patients with diabetes for the care and state of their health.

Creatinine, glucose, lipid profile, pharyngeal exudate culture, complete blood count, general urine test, general stool test, TSH.

  •  12 hour fast required 

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Roaccutane check.

Indicated for people who are being treated with acne medications, such as Roaccutane or Generics.

Complete blood count, blood profile  Lipids, TGO, TGP.

Control at 8 and 20 weeks of treatment.

It is performed to evaluate the appearance of secondary effects due to the use of Roacutan, mainly: high teratogenicity, hepatotoxicity, hyperlipidemia and pancytopenia.

  •   12 hour fast required 

Young man suffering from knee pain on wh

Rheumatic profile II

For people who want to rule out rheumatoid arthritis or collagen disease like Lupus.

Creatinine, Glucose, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Pharyngeal exudate culture,  Complete blood count,  General urine test, General stool test.

  •  12 hour fast required 

Retrato de mujer mayor

Bone metabolism profile.

Recommended annual check-up to monitor in the short and medium term the therapies indicated for patients with osteoporosis.

​Vitamin D, PTH (Parathormone), Iron, Magnesium, Serum Phosphorus, Serum Calcium and Ferritin. 

Bone metabolism is one of the  more compromised in women after menopause and postmenopause, the need for calcium intake increases considerably in order to maintain function  metabolism of the bone and thus avoid the loss of bone mass known as osteoporosis.

Knowing the concentration of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D will help to avoid complications and improve contributions to prevent osteoporotic fractures and improve quality of life.


  •   12 hour fast required 

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