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Consultation with general medicine


General medicine is the branch of medicine that is responsible for attending most of the demands and pathologies of patients. It is usually in most cases the patient's first contact with the health system. Therefore, the general medicine doctor, or family doctor, must have a wide range of knowledge to try to give an adequate response or refer to the appropriate specialist.

At Inmaculada Concepción Clinical Laboratory we have an excellent team of professionals in the service of primary care or general medicine, capable of treating a wide range of ailments. Today in this section we give you the keys to find out when you should go to your family doctor or general practitioner.

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4 reasons to go to the GP

Periodic visits to the specialist in general medicine

In general, we should all go to medical consultations periodically to preserve our well-being. Medical check-ups help us stay fit and take care of ourselves. This occurs in a more specific way during childhood or when a pathology is suffered in adulthood. People with diabetes or high cholesterol should go to check their glucose and cholesterol levels.  

The general practitioner will also help us take preventive measures against some diseases. Giving us keys to take care of our health when we are elderly, during pregnancy or at any other stage of our lives.  


Treatment of common colds or flu

A common cold, with a cough, sore throat or general malaise should be treated by a general practitioner. It is advisable to go when the symptoms last over time, because medical complications such as respiratory problems can occur. If there is fever, you should immediately go to a doctor. In no case should you go to the hospital emergency center to treat a flu or a common cold, because that can lead to the collapse of the health system.


Colds are diseases that are easily cured and, although they are annoying, they are not serious if you do not suffer from other chronic diseases related to the respiratory or cardiovascular systems.


Treatment of gastroenteritis or stomach problems

The viruses that cause gastroenteritis or stomach problems are another of the main reasons that motivate our patients to come to consultation. In these cases, an astringent diet will be recommended so that our digestive system returns to its natural state. Special attention must be paid to symptoms such as diarrhoea, abdominal pain or skin discoloration. In these cases, medical consultation is mandatory.  


Visits to the general practitioner for health problems

Any other new symptom or pain should be more than enough motivation to go to general physician. People with certain illnesses should also see a doctor if they notice any changes in their symptoms. A person with a chronic lung disease who should go immediately if they notice difficulty breathing.

It is difficult to give precise guidelines on when it is necessary to go to the doctor or when the visit is unnecessary because the same pathology has very different symptoms in one person or another.

Can I go to the general practitioner without an appointment?

At Inmaculada Concepción Clinical Laboratory we operate with a first-come, first-served assistance system. You can go to our clinics in El Edén and Altamira Units so that one of our general medicine doctors can attend your concerns or discomforts. This guarantees our patients the necessary care at the time they require it, without having to wait several days for an appointment. 

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